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After being a faithful reader of various blogs dedicated to positively influencing black women, I recognized quite a few young black women in their teens, 20's, and 30's who were touched by the message as much as myself. This blog is my attempt to reach out and connect with young black women on issues we may be facing at a very transitional time in our lives. I encourage all, irrespective of age, class, origin, etc. to participate in the discussions and brainstorming sessions we have. I look forward to the potential of this blog and hope to hear from Young Black Women Determined to Live Well like myself!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decisions are in store

Hello to all of the Young Black Women out there! I wanted to first direct your attention to the discussion on blog talk radio regarding the new book, Don't Bring Home a White Boy, by Karen Folan. Both she and the host of the segment spoke about wonderful topics that went beyond the interracial content of the book. While a male caller (race unidentifiable... but, you can be the judge on that one) did try to thwart the discussion to something negative, he did not succeed at derailing the important message Mrs. Folan and the host were delivering. Please take a moment to listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empowered-love/2010/02/23/author-langhorne-folan-discusses-her-book--dont-br

 Many life decisions are in store for us as young black women. I find that some get easier with time while others seem increasingly complicated. What is more, each decision has a consequence. With that being said, the question becomes: Am I ready to accept those consequences and live with the decisions I made anyway?
I suppose some cases involve moments that happen to us we just don't understand. Some of us still can't pinpoint the reasoning behind why we were placed in a situation? Just what was its purpose? Though I am not aware of whether or not the answer will reveal itself in due time, I do know that going foward with an open mind and positive heart that remembers to be thankful for all your blessings, both big and small, places you ahead of the game in learning to live well.